How to Find Hair Removal Treatments in Your Area

How can you find a reputable clinic for hair removal treatments in your local area? Before you choose the first medi-spa, salon, or clinic you google, take a look at the questions you need to ask right now.

Who Provides the Hair Removal Treatments?

While waxing, threading, and other similar cosmetic hair removal services don't require a medical provider, laser treatments do. An esthetician or other licensed and qualified esthetic professional can wax your bikini area or thread your eyebrows. But only a licensed medical doctor, or a trained registered nurse (under the supervision of an M.D.) should use a laser for hair removal.

Do Salons Offer Laser Services?

Laser hair removal is a specialized service. Again, only licensed medical providers, such as a dermatologist or RN, should use a laser for hair removal. A day spa or salon typically won't employ these healthcare professionals. While you can get other types of non-medical hair removal treatments at a salon, you'll need to visit a skin clinic, medi-spa, or dermatologist's office for laser services.

What Should Customers Look for in a Reputable Clinic?

To start your search, narrow down the possibilities. If you want a laser procedure, eliminate non-medical day spas and salons. Instead, focus on skin clinics and dermatology practices. The clinic or office should have a medical doctor (M.D.) in charge of the practice. The M.D. should supervise procedures done by RN's or other licensed medical providers (such as physician's assistants or nurse practitioners).

While it's acceptable to call or visit the website of the clinic or office, you'll get a better feel for the facility when you visit for a consultation. Look for a clean environment with clean hygiene practices or policies. The medical staff should wear face masks and gloves during the treatment.

Should You Ask for References?

If you're not sure whether the clinic or dermatology office is the right option for you and your hair removal needs, ask for references. Ideally, you'll have a friend, family member, co-worker, or acquaintance who has experience with the clinic. But if you don't know anyone who has used the services of the dermatology clinic, ask the office staff for references from past or present clients.

Even though the office can't provide you with the names of past/present clients (due to confidentiality issues), they may have written statements from other patients or before and after photos for you to view.  

If you want to learn more, contact a hair removal service, like Gateway Dermatology PC, in your area.

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