How To Care For Your Skin With Rosacea

Rosacea is a skin condition that makes the skin on the face appear pink and red. A dermatologist can treat rosacea with a variety of treatments. However, a good skincare routine can help make a difference. Good skincare can make you feel better, helps to improve the results of your dermatological treatment, improves your skin's health, and reduces flare-ups. The following are some skin care tips you can implement to help deal with your rosacea:

Wash Your Face Every Day

Many patients with rosacea are fearful of washing their face because they are worried it will cause a flare-up. Washing your face may be irritating, but cleansing is actually vital to your skin's overall health. The key is to wash your face very gently. First, choose a very mild face cleanser. Using your fingertips, wash your face using a small circular motion. Rinse the face with slightly warm water to get all of the cleanser off your face. Pat your face dry with a soft towel. Do not be tempted to use anything with an exfoliant at this point, as it can be irritating to your sensitive skin.

Moisturize Daily

Patients who have rosacea often experience either dry or oily skin. No matter the skin type, moisturizing is very important. Moisturizing keeps your skin hydrated and helps reduce any irritation. Your dermatologist can provide you with a rosacea-friendly moisturizer to help prevent peeling and dryness. It can also help even out the appearance of your skin.

Wear Sunscreen Daily

The sun can exacerbate rosacea and often causes flare-ups. To help prevent this from happening, wear mild facial sunscreen each day. Choose a sunscreen meant for use on the face that does not have a scent or added oil. Ask your dermatologist for recommendations.

Use Quality Skincare Products

Patients with rosacea often have a harder time finding skincare products that do not irritate their skin. As you shop for skincare products, make sure you read the list of ingredients. You should avoid any products that have fragrance, menthol, lactic acid, alcohol, and glycolic acid. Also, try to choose products that are creams rather than gels or lotions. You should also avoid toners. Ask if you can test out skincare products before you apply them to your face.

Using some of these tips can help your skin remain healthy and feel more comfortable. If you have any questions about your rosacea, be sure to talk to your dermatologist.

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