If You're In These Situations, You Need A Skin Cancer Check

A skin cancer check is a screening protocol in which your dermatologist looks over your entire body, making note of any cancerous, precancerous, or potentially cancerous lesions. Since skin cancer is often curable with a minor excision in its early stages, a skin cancer check can prevent you from having to endure the consequences and treatments that come with later-stage cancers. But who should have a skin cancer check? If you're in any of the following situations, you should.

1. You have a history of tanning.

The UV rays from sunlight are known to cause changes in the DNA or your skin cells that can lead to cancer. Spending time in tanning beds is also risky — maybe even riskier since the UV rays in tanning beds are more concentrated. As such, if you have a history of tanning, whether outdoors or in tanning beds, it is wise to have a skin cancer check. This applies even if it has been several years since you last tanned. There can sometimes be a delay between sun exposure and skin cancer.

2. You've had some bad sunburns.

Maybe you do not intentionally tan, but you've spent time outside and received a sunburn in the process. Sunburns greatly increase your risk of skin cancer, even if you only get one. It's wise to get a skin cancer check, and also to start wearing sunscreen to prevent yourself from getting another sunburn.

3. You have a lot of freckles and moles.

Most freckles and moles are harmless. However, if you have a lot of them, you are more likely to overlook unusual moles or spots that could be cancerous. There is also a chance that once-benign moles could change into cancerous or harmful ones. So, it's a good idea to have a dermatologist take a close look at your skin, and also to have them pay close attention to your moles.

4. You don't have someone to look at your back.

You should be looking over your own skin for abnormal spots. Since you cannot see your back, you should have a partner or friend look at it. If there is not someone you are comfortable allowing to look at your back, then schedule a skin cancer check so the dermatologist can look at the parts you cannot see.

If you fall into any of the categories above, call your local dermatologist and make an appointment for a skin cancer check. You're always better off safe than sorry.

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