3 Wrinkle Prevention Tips

Wrinkles are a nuisance that can affect the skin, giving it a papery look. Wrinkles can affect the entire body, but wrinkles on the face are probably the ones you pay the most attention to. Wrinkles on your face can show up next to the eyes, the forehead, around the mouth, or beneath the eyes. Wrinkles in these areas can make you appear older, make you look tired, or make you feeling very self-conscious about your skin, causing you to try anything and everything to cover them up. To help you prevent these wrinkles or to help get rid of the ones you already have, there are a few options. Read on for helpful information.

1. Start Using Retinoids

Begin using creams on your face that contain Retinoids, which can help prevent wrinkles. Retinoids will help to stimulate the blood cells, giving your skin an even skin tone. They can also increase the production of collagen, which will help decrease the number of wrinkles you have and can also smooth out your face and prevent wrinkles. Creams that contain Retinoids are sold over the counter and there are many available. Use this type of cream nightly on your skin, paying close attention to the areas where wrinkles are most likely to appear.

2. Stop Sleeping in Makeup

If you wear makeup, stop wearing it to bed. You need to wash your face nightly with a gentle face wash. Wash your eyes gently to remove eye makeup, and use a makeup remover to remove waterproof makeup you may be wearing. Wearing makeup to bed can cause the makeup to settle into those fine lines and wrinkles, causing them to deepen. It's also bad for your skin, as makeup contains oils, which can fill in your pores and can lead to acne.

3. Wear Sunscreen

Wear sunscreen on your face to prevent wrinkles and sunspots, which can age your skin quickly. Wear a facial sunscreen on your face daily or whenever you're out in the sun. Wear a hat and sunglasses to prevent you from squinting in the sunlight, which can lead to wrinkles in the forehead and around the eyes as well. 

Prevent wrinkles by using the tips above. If you already have wrinkles, talk to your dermatologist about what things can be done to get rid of them, such as dermal fillers or injections such as Botox to give you a more youthful look. 

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