What You Can Expect From A Dermatology Appointment Regarding A Mole

Your skin is the largest organ of your body. It's important to keep it as healthy as possible, and that includes the occasional visit with the dermatologist. If you have had any irregular looking spots, especially moles that you are concerned about, then you should go in to see a dermatologist for mole treatment. There is nothing to be afraid of when it comes to seeing a dermatologist about something that concerns you. There are a few things that a dermatologist may due during the course of your appointment.

Determine if Treatment is Necessary

While some people may want a mole that concerns them removed, that may not always be the best course of action. When it comes to some moles, removing them could make it difficult to know where they were or to monitor if issues in the future arise. A dermatologist will examine a mole to see if it is raised up from the surface of the skin or has an irregular shape or color. Some irregularities may be fine and may just need to be watched for a few months for any changes. Once a mole is examined, a dermatologist can determine if removal is the best option at the time.

Test the Area for Cancer or Other Issues

Some moles that are painful or have an odd color could be cancerous. If your dermatologist has examined the area and can't determine fully what the condition is of the area, he or she will likely remove a sample from the skin to be tested. Test results can determine if the skin is infected with something or if there are cancer cells present. If there are cancer cells, then there will likely be more testing to see if other parts of the skin or body are affected. In some situations, it may be determined that due to the borders of cancer, it likely hasn't spread and no additional testing will be needed. They can also determine if the spot has pre-cancerous cells, which may be caused to monitor the mole and the surrounding skin for any progression.

Remove the Mole Completely

While it isn't always recommended to remove a mole, it is possible your dermatologist will remove a mole that is bothering you. This is true even if it's just for cosmetic reasons. One of the most comment ways is to numb the area where the mole is and cut it off. This procedure is mostly painless. Another method might include freezing the mole, which causes a small sting. This essentially kills the cells of the mole and causes it to scab over and fall off. For the most part, all of the methods used to remove moles only cause minor discomfort. 

While many people have several moles, it is a good idea to pay attention to any mole or spot that looks unusual. Getting a mole examined that looks strange or feels painful is always a good idea. Getting treatment early on is the best way to keep your skin and body healthy.


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