Been Out In The Sun Too Much And Think You Have Melanoma? Signs Of This Cancer And Treatment You Will Be Offered

If you spend a lot of time outside in the sun, there is a chance that you can get skin cancer. One type of skin cancer that you can get is melanoma. Below are some signs that you have melanoma and treatment options available to you.

Signs of Melanoma

If you have anything on your body that looks unusual, that looks changed, or that has popped up out of nowhere, this is a sign of melanoma. If you are a woman, the most common area to get melanoma is on your legs. If you are a man, one common area is the neck. You could still see melanoma anywhere on your body. 

If you have moles and one mold really stands out to you, you should have it checked, as this is a sign of melanoma. Check your entire body on a regular basis for any of these areas. This includes your back, the backs of your ears, and more. Have someone check for you if possible as it will be difficult for you to see everywhere.

Melanoma Treatment Options

When you go to a doctor, they will use a microscope to inspect the melanoma. They will determine what the thickness is, which they do using a measuring tool. The thickness is important, as the thicker your melanoma is, the more serious it is. If the melanoma is very thin, the doctor may be able to remove it surgically. Along with the melanoma, normal skin around it will also be removed. 

If the melanoma is thick, the doctor will do a biopsy of the area where melanoma is suspected and send the tissue to a lab to have it checked for cancer. The test results will come back within a few days in most cases or even quicker.

If the doctor suspects the cancer has spread to your lymph nodes, they will do an MRI or CT scan. A PET scan may be ordered to check your entire body if cancer is found in your lymph nodes. 

If the doctor cannot remove the melanoma surgically, they will order chemotherapy to kill the cancer cells in your body. Your doctor may also suggest immunotherapy, which is a type of drug treatment that boosts your immune system, which helps your body fight off the cancer. 

Make sure you wear sunscreen when outside to help protect yourself. You should know, however, that melanoma can appear in areas of your body that have not been exposed to the sun.

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