4 Skin Conditions That Should Prompt You To See Dermatologist

Do you need medical attention for a tiny swelling on the skin? Should you seek an ointment from the pharmacy? These concerns are common for most people when they suspect a skin condition. Although some skin conditions are not a cause to worry, there are some instances that necessitate an appointment with a dermatologist for assessment or treatment.

Here are the four skin conditions that should prompt you to see a dermatologist. 


Acne may appear harmless, but there may be underlying issues. Most of the time, a slight acne attack disappears within a few weeks. However, even the tiniest blemish can cause long-term scarring or spots. Chronic acne attack calls for medical intervention, and your dermatologist will investigate the condition and recommend medication.  


Blackheads or lumps appear on different areas such as the face, chest, arm, shoulders, and back. Papule lumps account for most skin lesions and can become scarred.

Blackheads are harmless and can dent your skin appeal. Even though some people may consider creams to eliminate them, it's essential to visit a dermatologist who recommends the best treatment depending on the condition. Also, your doctor can detect any change in the blackhead that can signal chronic conditions such as skin cancer. 

Itchy Skin

Eczema is a common skin condition that manifests as a skin rash that evolves in different phases. The first stage is severe scratching, followed by the vesicle regrouping and forming a bubble. These blisters split open and ooze crusts. The scabs fall off leaving pinkish scars. This cycle is repetitive and can progress to inflammation characterized by frequent flare-ups. It's vital to book an appointment with a dermatologist who arranges a treatment plan that incorporates the administration of steroids. 

Hair Loss

Whereas having a bald head is normal, some situations can necessitate immediate medication attention. For example, it's a concern if you find a large chunk of hair on the pillow when you wake up or when a lot of hair is left on the comb. It could be alopecia areata, a skin condition that leads to hair loss on the scalp and body. It's essential to see a dermatologist who will diagnose the skin condition and recommend treatment.

If you notice any of the above conditions, seek medical care immediately and don't wait until things get out of hand. Contact a dermatologist for diagnosis and treatment. A dermatologist can provide further information. 

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